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Do you think you could do it? Now the task is starting to seem more manageable.

Do NOT read this if you ever put things off, revise deadlines, or change goals!

Even so, I suspect many people would still find the prospect intimidating. Do you know why? When people start to look that far ahead, many of them automatically go into a negative mode. So let me formulate the idea of writing a book in yet another way. Let me break it down even more.

Why People Procrastinate: The Psychology and Causes of Procrastination – Solving Procrastination

Suppose I ask you if you can fill up a page and a quarter with words—not for a year, not for a month, not even for a week, but just today? I believe most people would confidently declare that they could accomplish that. These are the same people who feel totally incapable of writing a whole book. One day at a time.

How to Fight Procrastination By Overcoming the Fear of Failure

Discipline yourself to look neither forward nor backward and you can accomplish things you never thought you could possibly do. And it all begins with those three words: Break it down.

Failing at Normal: An ADHD Success Story - Jessica McCabe - TEDxBratislava

For instance, you may be waiting for people to inspire you to reach your goals. Well, guess what, nobody is going to set out the time to motivate you to achieve your goals, and you know why? Because they are goals and they are meant to benefit you personally if you succeed in reaching them.

Fear of failure There is no gainsaying the fact that nobody can predict the future. There are no guarantees that your journey to success will be hitch-free.

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But you can minimize failure by drafting an action plan that can help you manage possible obstacles along the way. You must learn to stop wasting precious time if you want to accomplish your goals. The time you fail to make use of today, can never be retrieved. When you set goals, there is need to root out distractions in order to avoid procrastination.

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It is pertinent to remember that success cannot be achieved without failure. The truth is failure helps you to learn and gain experience. It fortifies your determination to succeed if you learn to see as a gift. You do not need to be perfect to achieve your goals.

How to Shape Your Dreams?

I know whatever it is I am going to talk about today is something you already know but you still choose not to listen to yourself. The reason behind procrastination is the fear behind it. The fear of not being able to achieve the task or the fear of not being certain about whether you will be able to match up with the deadline or not. Fear may manifest in the fear of failure or rejection, which may lead us to avoid taking action.

Listen to me very closely here, Whatever it is that you do in your life, you need to complete what you started. In the world of business, procrastination has to lead to the biggest failures in business and it has indeed been proven that it is one of the common mindsets.

Optimism and getting rid of the fear is the best thing you could do for yourself. But you can start working on new projects and deliver for yourself. Life is too short to be okay living an average life. In business, the decisions that you make will evaluate the kind of results you get. You need to be the leader of your life and you need to start pushing yourself. For growing your business, the very basic thing you need to do is analyze the market and keep a check on where you went wrong.