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One of the benefits of boosting your online presence with expert SEO for rehab centers is it enables people to look for the services you offer without pressure, in the privacy of their own home. Obviously, the decision to enter rehab is a big one for most people, and knowing they can search through your website freely provides a great deal of comfort.

How To Make $2500 a Month Selling Local SEO Services

Of course, you can only help if searchers find you when they are searching, which is why sound SEO strategy and implementation is key. LTR is a full-service drug rehab marketing company that offers a variety of products and services that will improve your engagement and make sure your drug and alcohol rehab center is represented online. Our team of rehab digital marketing experts delivers extensive services including:.

Ensure that your page ranks well on search engine rankings using a variety of SEO tools and tested methods. With content written to specifically appeal to those looking for drug or alcohol treatment, your content will be empathetic, well-written, concise, clear, and free of errors.

Local SEO Blueprint - The Teams of Winners

Videos are becoming a larger part of the way we consume content. This trend is also gaining momentum with rehab and recovery centers. If visitors to your website or social media page linger a while, giving you have a solid engagement rating, you should move up in the search engine results pages or SERPs. Tactics like formatting text for scanning, as opposed to old-school reading, should result in higher engagement ratings. We can evaluate your website and create fresh content that is informative and empathetic. You can incorporate local keywords into your paid search and SEO strategy.

Use trusty AdWords to help you out, and then add location to standard on-page optimization best practices — title, description, relevant image names, etc. You can even get hyper local, which will help you uncover lucrative keyword opportunities.

For instance, you can narrow down results to view how many page views your site pulled in from Berkeley versus Marin, and target keywords accordingly to reach clients and prospects in those places. You may discover some geo-modifiers that can help you prioritize your keyword list. Also, check out Google Insights for Search for detailed regional info about your targeted keywords. You can create specific geographic filters, and view data from years at a time through easy to read maps and graphs.

The heatmaps give you a sense of where phrases are most commonly searched.

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On top of adding local keywords to your PPC campaigns, you can update paid search campaigns with new targeting features. Google has a fairly new zip code targeting feature , which it has said marketers have used to more easily track ROI. Google offers clear resources for targeting your paid search campaigns to local audiences. Increase traffic to your website and improve customer engagement with compelling content.

Close Consulting Gain meaningful insight and effective strategy that will take your website and your business to the next level.

Close Ecommerce SEO Increase your sales by optimizing your ecommerce website for search engine visibility. Close Link Earning Boost your content's visibility and your website's credibility with a link earning campaign that connects you with influential websites. Close Community Management Strengthen the relationship between your audience and your brand with consistent, quality messaging on social media. Close Paid Social Advertising Gain customers and increase traffic to your website with highly customized advertising on social media.

Close Facebook Advertising Promote your business and generate leads with high-quality ads designed for the world's most popular social networking platform.

Here are some basic well rounded off page SEO backlinking strategies anyone can use

Close Remarketing Use search and display advertisements to target past visitors and encourage them to return to your site. Close Close Creative Web Design Showcase your products and services with a beautifully designed website that attracts customers and generates leads for your business. Close Close Development Website Dev Grow your business with a user friendly website that engages customers and makes it easy for them to do business with you. Close Responsive Design Improve user experience and boost online visibility with a mobile-friendly website for your business.

Close E-Commerce Showcase your products and drives sales for your online store with a website optimized for ecommerce. Close Hosting Make sure your website is secure, reliable and running at maximum performance with our hosting services.

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Your local SEO blueprint: Drive site and store traffic with targeted content

Close Events Reach a wider audience and leave a lasting impression on potential customers with an outstanding promotional or highlight video of your event. Close Commercials Use creative storytelling and captivating visuals to create a high-quality commercial for your brand, product, or service. Close Motion Graphics Bring your story to life for viewers with sound and imagery that makes your business stand out online.

Close Voiceovers Let our professional-grade, custom-tailored voiceovers enhance your videos and raise your company's online engagement. Just like national SEO, search engine optimization for local businesses require on-page optimization, links, social media and other marketing strategies.

Pigeons Always Return Home: Top 5 Ranking Factors For Local SEO

The only additional factor that local SEO adds to this list is the geographic location of the business, such as the physical address of a company. Over time, webmasters either focused on national keywords instead of keywords that would actually bring conversion or did local SEO improperly. Many web owners were greedy enough to aim for local rankings for locations in places where they were not in business, leaving search results up to the search engines decide the fate of their sites and SEO efforts.

Create and claim a local profile on Google and other local listings.

Who is this website for?

Apart from joining directories for back links, it is important to build connections to other local business sites in your area or websites within your industry. Local directories will help search engines associate your website with the location of the business. Always start with major directories like Yelp, Google Places, Foursquare and many others, and then join local citations in your area and those that relate to your industry.

Yext is a very helpful source when it comes to discovering directories that your website joined and directories you should join next. Reviews show that your site and business is legitimate, thus the search engines may award you with good rankings. Getting reviews is not as easy as it sounds.

Local Search Engine Optimization Simplified

It is important to keep in mind that most people a less likely to leave a review on your website for nothing in return unless they are extremely satisfied or unsatisfied with your services. You can offer a service, discount on your services, gift card, or anything to appreciate the time your customers use to write a review.

The best way of getting review is to have your clients write reviews during their visits. Give them clear information on how to review your business and reward they could get after reviewing. The NAP listed in social profiles will improve the local citation of a site. As long as the NAP is the same everywhere, your website will rank for the location you are going after.

Tip: Use the same NAP and remember to update social posts regularly. Create optimized blog posts regularly in order to increase local visibility. Blog posts will help you explore other keywords that you were not able to use on your landing pages. You will have an advantage when people search for your services while they are in, or close to your location.

For example, there is a big chance of a person looking for restaurants while using their iPhones in your area and see your site first just because they are searching for restaurants near them.