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The McKenna Legacy. Please listen to me and leave today not tomorrow.

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It does not change. Liz, I am 37 and I married my husband when I was 20 and he was I first remember being turned down for sex nearly 10 years ago. The night it happened I woke up at 3 am , alone in bed. I walked to the living room and could see the light of our computer shining down on to me as I looked up the stairs into our homeroom. I slowly walked up stairs and saw him jacking off to girls dancing naked on a bar. I think I dissolved into the stairs right then and there. I love to please a man that loves me.

I want to be the body that he explores and desires. We have sex about once a month. We never have sex at nighttime. However, how do I leave. I have nothing. I left my career to grow his business with him that once we had our daughter he slowly pushed me further and further out of. I am afraid if I were to leave, he would make it to where I would not have custody of my daughter.

I got off and went to rehab and it was a mess. It was like he wanted me to be seen as a person with a problem. He was perfect and I was the crazy wife. I have been slandered by my husband to law enforcement and he had his mother call cps on only me claiming I would leave her home alone while I played shows on the weekends. That never happened, she lives 12 hours away and our daughter was always with my mother while my husband and I played my shows.

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Not fully. I just want to love and to be loved. This world is hard so hard. We are all sinners… I want to be someones shelter from that outside pain and be able to run for cover to their arms when Im most in need. We all deserve that. Liz, I came across your post the other day. I was in a sexless marriage for 38 years! Plus, what you said about children not caring and eventually resenting you, that almost occurred on a daily basis throughout my marriage.

My ex-wife, now, finds peace, quiet, and tranquility, by taking care of our 35 year old meth-head, son. She and her mother gives him money an enabler , periodically, to buy his dope. Before her father died, which is about a year ago, she would let her father belittle me in front of our children and other family members. Also, I truly understand your feelings of resentment, and the lost years, of no sex!

I wish there were some way I could contact you for further communication. However, I realize that this is not a dating site. Take care, I hope you find contentment in your life! I made a compromise with him soon after marriage that I would consent to having relations every 29th February, to confirm that the act is not to my taste.

I consider this to be a very good solution to what is, apparently, a rather common problem. I am shocked by some of the stories related on this website.

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Are the contributors not ashamed to admit their lack of self-discipline? Embarrassed to be so lacking in self-control? Even women!

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  • I strongly urge those of a weak constitution to show some restraint, and take comfort in the knowledge that the issue will, after some years of fortitude, subside — even my own husband is starting to show a reduction in his brutish tendencies recently, and if he can do it, anyone can. My husband has ADHD and we have not had sex in 10 years.

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    Not at all. I am devastated by this. He is addicted to porn and no longer has any interest in a real person. We have a child together The funny thing is that he completely minimizes this. I have approached him so many times with so much kindness, flirtiness, etc…. I felt like my options were to divorce, suffer or cheat. I cheated.

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    He basically expected me to remain faithful while he jerked off to porn every day. Anyway, I regret cheating not because I feel bad but because of all the complications it brought to my life. I wish I had just left. He has changed my life. I have to start over. I have to put my child through a divorce. I have suffered immeasurably emotionally. One day. One day soon I will get out. To be honest, I did think about cheating. But I never met a decent woman who was interested in a married man.

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    So I waited. But my ex accused me of cheating anyway to anyone who would listen to her made up stories. I think about cheating all the time too. My boyfriend only have sex with me once or twice a year. Is it ok to cheat and still be in a relationship with him? Everything is great, just sexless.